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About US

4th Dymension is a software company which specializes in software development, 3-D Modeling, and the creation of Virtual Reality Experiences.

We develop products which include 3-Dimensional models and renders, as well as stunning and immersive virtual reality experiences. Applications for our services include architectural visualizations, prototype building, educational simulations and historic preservation. 

Services, including web development, desktop application development and mobile application development are offered by our proficient team.


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Our services

4th Dymension offers a range of services, tailored to your specifications and your vision.

3-D Modeling and Rendering

Our experienced 3-D modelers create attractive and optimized 3-D models, ready for use in 3-D scenes or projects, as well as for 3-D printing. We also offer full 3-D scene creation such as architectural rendering.

Desktop Application Development

Robust and responsive desktop applications are created using efficient and industry leading software frameworks, with added flavors of design and innovation.

Virtual Reality Development

Captivating and immersive Virtual Reality packages are produced by the group through the collective skill sets of 3D Modeling, Environment Building, Computer Aided Design and Computer Programming.

Mobile Application Development

4th Dymension offers a range of mobile application services, ranging from commercial application development to mobile game development.

Web Development and Maintenance

Our team produces responsive, appealing and mobile-friendly websites and web applications.

Our Featured Project

Robotics Summer Camp 2019

4th Dymension hosted the Robotics Camp 2019, in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy and Labor. The camp ran for two weeks, from the 15th of July to the 26th of July, 2019.  At this camp, 21 students got hands-on experience in setting up the Raspberry Pi 3, and got an introduction to programming the Raspberry Pi for real-world applications. 

Our Team